Bloomin’ Kitchen is owned and run by me, Kelly-Ann…

…a foodie at heart with a passion for great flavours, keen to combine the taste of proper food with the convenience of having home-cooked food delivered direct to your door. I have always cooked for others and love experimenting in the kitchen and cooking made-from-scratch meals.


I have my very own pair of in-house taste testing critics one of which has been brought up a diet of cassoulet, curry and all manor of cracking local ingredients although at 2 years old he remains entirely unconvinced on the merits of aubergine and is more than happy to voice his opinion on every meal put in front of him!

Bloomin’ Kitchen was inspired by my own pregnancy and love of cooking; when expecting my bundle of joy it seemed natural to get organised and stock up the freezer with handy home-cooked meals ready to reheat and eat during the first few weeks of motherhood. To say I (and my partner) were tired during the early days would be an understatement. Becoming a mother is wonderful, magical and like nothing else but also Bloomin’ hard work and for me particularly difficult adjusting to life without much sleep. We were exhausted and barely knew what day it was in the first few weeks so were really thankful for the pre-prepared meals requiring little time or effort to dish up and devour (in between feeds) and the idea of Bloomin’ Kitchen was born.

Having observed the large array of greasy “fast” food outlets available for delivery in the local area and the absence of quality home-cooked food options I was keen to come up with something different; healthy but hearty, quick but quality and tasty but convenient. When I started talking my ideas through it soon became clear that while plenty of people want to eat or feed their families proper meals, they often lack the time, energy or even living space to cook for themselves. In contrast to supermarket bought ready meals or takeaway options Bloomin’ Kitchen provides nutritious and delicious meals, cooked from scratch with quality ingredients to retain flavour and goodness, cooked in small one-pot batches many of which are simmered for 2-3 hours to allow the meat to tenderise and the flavours to fully develop. All our food is freshly cooked to order (not mass produced) and when delivered will arrive ready to reheat or freeze for a later date. Bloomin’ Kitchen is a food delivery service providing delicious home-cooked dishes to people who appreciate good food but don’t necessarily have the time or perhaps the inclination to cook.


Fill your freezer to bursting with delicious pre-prepared suppertime favourites, no shopping or cooking to worry about just proper home-cooked food to simply reheat and eat. The comfort of a fully stocked freezer is a beautiful thing and by ordering with Bloomin’ Kitchen your food will arrive at your door chilled and ready to put straight in the oven or heat on the hob (or simply add to the freezer to use a later date) allowing you more time to enjoy the important things in life without sacrificing a proper home-cooked meal.


Whether it’s a birthday bash, a get-together with friends or a feast for a mass family invasion, Bloomin’ Kitchen can provide a bespoke spread for any occasion. Simply choose your desired package of bronze, silver or gold depending on preference or budget and get in touch via the contact section. With information you provide we will put together a menu that’s right for you. Dishes arrive ready to reheat when required with optional buffet food service equipment to hire if needed; everything you need for stress-free entertaining on a grand scale.


Fresh food gift boxes are a great way to pamper busy friends and family, whilst also helping to lighten the load, a particularly thoughtful gift during the twilight days of early parenthood for new mums (and poor starving dads) with lots of fibre and plenty of nutrients helping to replenish and cherish their wellbeing after childbirth. In addition to new parents the food gift boxes make great gifts to suit a variety of occasions to let someone know you are thinking of them. Eg. ‘Get Well Soon’‘New Home’‘Mother’s/Father’s Day’ to name but a few.