1. How do I order?

To place your order online and create your food box add a minimum of 10 meals (up to 5 different dishes) from the menu along with any optional side dishes you may want then add to your basket. To order a food gift box simply select the pre-prepared box of your choice. Once visible in your basket proceed through to checkout and input your billing and delivery details.
You can choose to create an account, or check out as a guest.
Credit and debit transactions on this site are processed by PayPal, the leading UK provider of Internet payment processing and are therefore subject to all the latest security and data protection technology. You do not need to have a PayPal account to use this.
Private catering enquiries and orders must be initiated via email or telephone. Once menu options, numbers and a date have been agreed please set up an account and register your details with Bloomin’ Kitchen.

2. How does delivery work?

Delivery is on Tuesday and Friday inclusive, between 9am-6pm.
Please select your delivery day and date in the box at checkout and add further information when prompted. Due to the temperature controlled packaging to which your food is delivered you do not have to be in when your package arrives providing you have given us specific instructions such as leave with a neighbor, in the shed, on the porch etc. In the event you are not in and instructions have not been given, the courier will leave your box in the safest place available and advise via text/email.
Each food order is freshly cooked so we can only make the delivery once. Once the package has been delivered, it is the recipient’s responsibility to return the meals to the fridge/freezer as soon as they can. If ordering a gift please ensure the recipient knows to expect a delivery, as we cannot be held responsible for, for example, a gift left unclaimed in the recipients garden shed.
The minimum order value is £40.00 (excluding delivery)
• 0 – 5 miles of Tottington FREE
• 5 – 20 miles of Tottington £10.00
• 20+ miles contact us

3. Why does delivery take so long?

Each order is freshly made, so please understand that it takes us a little while to get the order direct to your door. The uniqueness of Bloomin’ Kitchen is that each order is individual and not mass-produced and it’s definitely worth waiting for.

4. How are the dishes packaged?

Dishes come in freshly sealed, stand up pouches, which can be stored neatly and efficiently in your fridge or freezer. For larger orders and customers who are not expecting to be in to accept personal receipt, your food will be delivered in insulated cardboard cool box keeping the temperature stable throughout transit which is ideal for use with products that are to be stored and transported at a temperature of below 0°C for up to 48 hours. For smaller, local orders and for customers who are guaranteed to be in to accept receipt of your order, your food will be delivered in an insulated cool bag.

5. Can I order less than a complete food box?

No. But if you wanted to try out the food why not share a food box with a friend, family member or colleague? Simply split the dishes and the cost!

6. Can I order more than one food box?

Yes, of course!

7. How can I save money?

The bigger your order the bigger the saving, so if you have the freezer space why not fill it! Details of monthly offers will also be visible on our website and personalised offers will on occasion be emailed to customers who register and set up an account with Bloomin’ Kitchen. Follow us on social media for exciting offers and promotions and if you ‘recommend a friend’ to order with Bloomin’ Kitchen your loyalty will be rewarded. Further savings can be made when your cardboard insulated box is returned (don’t forget to tick this option during checkout stage of your order).

8. What if I’m unhappy with the service or the food?

Obviously, we hope this doesn’t happen but if you are not happy please let us know straight away. If you are unhappy, we are too and we will aim to resolve things promptly and smoothly.

9. How long will the dishes keep?

All dishes are made from scratch, when the food box is delivered you will have 3 days in which to consume though if you would like to save the dishes for a later date it is best to store the pouches in the freezer at the earliest opportunity to maintain the freshness. It is recommended you should use all frozen food within one month of freezing.

10. Does freezing reduce the freshness and quality of the dishes?

No. Freezing is a great way to preserve fresh food and retain vitamin content, texture and of course flavour. All dishes on the Bloomin’ Kitchen menu have been selected, in part, because they freeze well.

11. Can I microwave the meals?

Yes. You can transfer the pouches to a microwavable container, cover loosely and stir half way through. Dishes such as cannelloni and cottage pie will arrive in foil containers and are best reheated in the oven.
Please see individual food labels for recommended reheating times.

12. What if I’m not in when the food arrives?

You do not have to be in to receive your meals. The courier will leave the insulated food box in a pre-agreed place ie. with a neighbor, in the shed, behind the garage etc. In the event there is no reply at delivery stage and a pre-agreed place has not been given the courier will leave in the safest place possible and advise where via email or text. Your food box will not be returned to Bloomin’ Kitchen. Once your food has been delivered it is the recipients responsibility to return the meals to the fridge/freezer as soon as possible.

13. What do you use in your meals?

Bloomin’ Kitchen use only the best, top quality, locally sourced ingredients with no hidden nasties or anything artificial. All ingredients for each dish are clearly listed within the ‘ingredients’ section on the website.

14. How quickly can you deliver?

Orders take a minimum of 3 working days to arrive.
All orders placed before 12pm each Tuesday will qualify for Friday delivery and orders placed before 12pm each Friday will qualify for Tuesday delivery dependent on availability and capacity. Should you require delivery for a specific day all available delivery dates are highlighted during the checkout process.

15. How are the dishes made?

All dishes are cooked from scratch with quality ingredients to retain flavour and goodness, cooked in small one-pot batches many of which are simmered for 2-3 hours to allow the meat to tenderise and the flavours to fully develop.