Whether it’s a christening, birthday, corporate event, get-together with friends or a feast for a mass family invasion, Bloomin’ Kitchen can provide a bespoke spread for any occasion.

Simply choose your desired package of bronze, silver or gold depending on your preference and budget then get in touch via the contact form below. If your food is for a particular occasion let us know as well as the number of guests you re expecting with brief information around what you have in mind including food types you like and crucially those you don’t. Based on the information given we will put together a menu that’s right for you.

Please note. Menus can be tweaked and adjusted to suit your individual tastes though a minimum of 7 days notice will be required following confirmation of the menu agreed and prior to the date you require your food to be delivered..

If you need a little inspiration please take a look at the examples of our Bloomin’ Bespoke menus created from a basic customer brief as detailed:


Minimum order 10 people.
A choice of 2 cooked main and side dishes. (Based on customer likes and dislikes) ready to be served hot.
£10.00 per person


Minimum order 8 people.
A choice of up to 4 cooked main and accompanying side dishes. Or, 2 cooked main dishes with additional cold buffet selection.£15.00 per person


Minimum order 5 people.
A choice of up to 4 cooked gourmet and side dishes. Or, 2 cooked gourmet dishes with cold buffet selection. Also includes dinner party options.
£20.00 per person



“I am arranging a casual curry night at my house with friends, I would like a few curries and side dishes for six – takeaway style, only healthier”


Occasion: Curry night with friends
Number of people: 8
Likes: Spice, meat, most vegetables
Dislikes: Nuts, mushrooms

Package: Bronze
Cost: £80.00
(£10.00 per person)

1. Spicy Lamb Rogan Josh
2. Butter Chicken
3. Lamb Kofta Kebabs
4. Cauliflower & Potato Curry
5. Spicy Rice
6. Chapatis



“We are off to the Lakes for a hen party and would like a selection of tapas treats to take a long with us to enjoy on the first night in the cottage we‘ve hired for the weekend”


Occasion: Hen Party with Tapas
Number of people: 10
Likes: Chorizo, chicken
Dislikes: Cream, fish

Package: Silver
Cost: £150.00
(£15.00 per person)

1. Patatas Bravas
2. Smokey Chicken Skewers
3. Spanish Tomato bread with jamon serrano
4. Sautéed chorizo with red wine
5. Spanish Tortilla with red pepper
6. Chicken, chorizo & king prawn paella
7. Citrus and fennel marinated olives
8. Andalusian- style chicken
9. Roast vegetable skewers
10. Fresh bread



“There’s no occasion, I would like to fill my fridge and freezer with a variety of vegetarian lunch and supper options in preparation for a busy few weeks ahead. Is this possible?”


Occasion: Freezer fill
Number of people: 1
Likes: Curry, healthy food
Dislikes: Meat!

Package: Bronze
Cost: £100.00

1. Curried squash, lentil and coconut soup (2 individual portions)
2. Green Vegetable pie
(2 individual portions)
3. Black bean chilli
(2 individual portions)
4. Pumpkin Curry with chickpeas
(2 individual portions)
5. Spicy root and lentil casserole
(2 individual portions)
6. Falafel burgers
(2 individual portions)
7. Spring vegetable casserole
(2 individual portions)



“I would like to host a dinner party with minimum effort! Inclusive of starters, main and dessert and the majority of cooking and preparation complete, leaving more time for me to have a drink and enjoy the night”


Occasion: Dinner Party
Number of people: 6
Likes: Beef, chocolate, cheesecake
Dislikes: Pasta, fruit

Package: Gold
Cost: £120.00
(£20 per person)

Smoked Salmon with prawns, horseradish cream and lime vinaigrette

Beef bourguignon served with celeriac mash and trimmed French beans

Malt chocolate cheesecake



“It’s my dads 70th Birthday and we are having a surprise party at our house so would like a simple hot buffet – food I can easily reheat when all the guests have arrived”


Occasion: Birthday
Number of people: 15
Likes: Mexican food
Dislikes: Curry, pies, pasta

Package: Bronze
Cost: £150.00
(£10 per person)

1. Chilli con carne (beef)
2. Lemon Spiced chicken with chickpeas
3. Black bean Chilli
4. Fluffy white rice
5. Lemon coriander cous cous
6. Homemade guacamole served with tortilla

If you have an event or party coming up and you’d like to discuss this further, please complete your details below and we’ll get straight back to you!

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