Nothing feels better than watching your child polish off a healthy, home-made meal, the following child-friendly dishes are sold in packs of 5, contain 200g per portion and are great for filling your freezer for when you just don’t have the time or energy to cook.


Feeding kids can be satisfying and stressful so to avoid mealtime meltdowns take a look at these teatime favourites packed full of flavour as well as nutrients, which every kid needs.


All Kids Meals are sold in packs of 5 at £20 per pack.

Fish Pie

Fish Pie

This comforting fish pie is packed with smoked fish, cod and salmon and great for the brain too.

Classic Bolognaise

Beef ragù in a rich tomato sauce is nutritious and delicious providing iron and goodness with every mouthful.

Hungarian Goulash

A slow-cooked, hearty meal with warm spiced paprika and tender chunks of beef, which is perfect for toddlers.

Hidden Vegetable Pasta Sauce

Healthy and delicious, a great way to get kids eating vegetables packed with goodness and lots of flavour too.

Salmon & Ginger Fishcakes

A super-healthy option, Asian-style fishcakes are great with a salad or made into a burger with a difference.

Chicken & Vegetable Casserole

A super tasty Spanish-style stew flavoured with paprika and cumin and sweet tomato great for kids of all ages.

Classic Cottage Pie

Layered with veggies, beef and a creamy mash potato topping this is the ultimate cold weather comfort food.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Tender chunks of marinated chicken in a creamy sauce, bursting with flavour and a tasty alternative to takeaway.

Vegetable Cottage Pie

A comforting yet healthy dish with chunky carrots, lovely lentils and a light, cheesy sweet potato mash topping.

Chicken Balls

With Pesto and Tomato Sauce. Tasty and packed with protein these tasty chicken balls are perfect for tiny hands.