“Across the board the tastes are brilliant. High quality produce, ace variety and great comfort to know it’s in my freezer. I Bloomin’ well recommend you get involved.”


Director, Lionhorse Ltd.

“When I’m busy with work the last thing I want to do is food shop and cook. I still want my family to eat well and I don’t want to spend a fortune on takeaways.


Bloomin’ Kitchen is the perfect solution. Before a busy period at work I like to stock my freezer with delicious, wholesome and nutritious meals by Bloomin’ Kitchen so my husband and I can just re-heat when we get home. All the convenience of ready meals but I’m much happier knowing my 2 year old is getting a balanced diet. I highly recommend them!”


Freelance Commercial Producer, Joanna Brew Ltd.

“Moving house last year was a really chaotic time, especially with a very young family. We placed our first order with Bloomin Kitchen to make sure we ate properly amongst the unpacked boxes and mountains of jobs. The food came stylishly packaged and portioned ready to freeze. It was such a comfort knowing we had delicious, home-cooked food ready to go at the drop of a hat. The selection of dishes is spot on – from family favourites to things the kids and I hadn’t tried before. Knowing the dishes are pure nourishment with no funny stuff in means we can give them to the whole family without worry. We’ve also placed orders for when we’re entertaining. ‘Curry night’ courtesy of Bloomin Kitchen was cheaper, healthier and tastier than any takeaway we’ve had. Thank you Bloomin’ Kitchen for saving us from the turkey twirlers!”


Full-Time Mum

“Bloomin’ Kitchen is a fantastic service that I would highly recommend. Just warm through in the oven adding some sides and you have a great meal with great products – so much better than dialing out for that takeaway (which is what was happening far too often).”


Owner, Optirev

“That fantastic feeling, when you’re on your way home from a busy day at work and you know that you don’t have to cook a meal for you and the family because it’s already been prepared and ready to be warmed up in minutes! Bloomin’ Kitchen take away that pain of cooking when you really don’t have the time AND the food is much better that what you can do yourself – bonus!!”


Account Manager, Pennine Telecom

“What a great idea, the food was so simple to prepare, tasted delicious and saved me bags of time too, I will definitely be back for more!”


Housing Officer

“What a fantastic help to us Bloomin’ Kitchen has been – especially when we have run out of ideas for vegetarian meals for some members of the family. The meals arrive nicely packaged and it is very easy to rustle up a tasty and wholesome meal in no time at all – even those who can’t cook, or won’t cook, delight in the delicious home-made food. We particularly like the great curries and the handy sized packages make sure we can prepare exactly the right meal to suit the occasion.


Perfect after a hard day at work or to make time to enjoy special moments. Bloomin’ Kitchen recently provided all the food for a family birthday party and what a great success it was with the younger ones coming back for more several times. They found they actually enjoyed things they’d never tried before – a great success in our book.


The people behind Bloomin’ Kitchen deserve every success with their great menus and delicious food – we look forward to opening our next box of goodies and the kids like to sort out the packets for the freezer to see what they can expect to eat over the next few days. It’s All Good! And very nicely presented.”